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Tunisia and Israel: Travels of An Arabic Speaking Jew

Fri Apr 23 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT
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From unexpected encounters to remarkable conversations, Jonathan Dobrer provides a glimpse into a fascinating world.

Note: This is a 60-minute lecture running on Friday, 4/23/2021 @ 10am-11am PDT. Upon completed registration, your Zoom invitation will be emailed to you 7 days prior to the start time.

In this lecture, Jonathan Dobrer will provide you access into the North Africa, seldom seen by American-Jews.

From Shabbat in Tunis with a marriage broker to crossing part of the Sahara on a camel with no name, Dobrer traveled openly as a Jew, and accumulated remarkable experiences.

Join him to learn more about unexpected conversations and encounters, and how language shifts our perception of the world and one another, and, crucially, how language can open doors, hearts and minds.

Instructor: Jonathan Dobrer

Jonathan Dobrer teaches Current Events at American Jewish University and has taught at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He is a graduate of USC and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He studied philosophy in Vienna and spent two years in the Peace Corps in Tunisia. Jonathan also specializes in Comparative Religion, specifically, how Christianity developed from Hebrew scriptures, stories and archetypes; and how Islam grew from both Judaism and primitive Christianity.