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Gendering Modern Jewish Thought

Thu Nov 4 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT
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Exploring the Female in Ethical and Communal Relationships in 20th C. Jewish philosophy.

Note: This is a 60-minute class running on Thursday, 11/4/2021 @ 2pm-3pm PDT. Upon completed registration, your Zoom invitation will be emailed to you 7 days prior to the start time.

The idea of brotherhood has been an important philosophical concept for understanding community, equality, and justice. In Gendering Modern Jewish Thought, Andrea Dara Cooper offers a gendered reading that challenges the key figures of the all-male fraternity of twentieth-century Jewish philosophy to open up to the feminine.

Cooper offers a feminist lens, which when applied to thinkers such as Franz Rosenzweig and Emmanuel Levinas, reveals new ways of illuminating questions of relational ethics, embodiment, politics, and positionality. She shows that patriarchal kinship as models of erotic love, brotherhood, and paternity are not accidental in Jewish philosophy, but serve as norms that have excluded women and non-normative individuals.

Gendering Modern Jewish Thought suggests these fraternal models must be brought to account in more broadly humanistic frameworks. For Cooper, a more responsible and ethical reading of Jewish philosophy comes forward when it is opened to the voices of mothers, sisters, and daughters.

Join Professor Cooper for a lecture and conversation on these important topics.

You can buy the book here.

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Date Range – 11/1/2021 – 11/31/2021


Cost: $21.00
Instructor: Andrea Dara Cooper

Andrea Dara Cooper is Associate Professor and Leonard and Tobee Kaplan Scholar in Modern Jewish Thought and Culture at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her book, Gendering Modern Jewish Thought, shows how kinship becomes an organizing metaphor for ethical and communal relationships in twentieth-century Jewish philosophy. At UNC, her courses include “Introduction to Jewish Studies,” “Post-Holocaust Ethics and Theology,” “Human Animals in Religion and Ethics,” “The Sacrifice of Abraham,” and “Women, Gender, and Judaism.” She is co-chair of the Study of Judaism Unit of the American Academy of Religion and serves on the steering committee of the Animals and Religion Unit, and she is a board member of the Association for Jewish Studies Women’s Caucus.