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Hadassah Lieberman: The Immigrant Who Conquered the American Dream

Wed Nov 17 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm PST
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Faith, personal histories and commitment to values – her new memoir chronicles an American story, from war-torn Czechoslovakia to the U.S.

Born in Prague to Holocaust survivors, Hadassah Lieberman and her family immigrated from the Czech Republic to the United States in 1949. She went on to earn a BA from Boston University in government and dramatics and an MA in international relations and American government from Northeastern University. She built a career devoted largely to public health that has included positions at Lehman Brothers, Pfizer, and the National Research Council. After her first marriage ended in divorce, she married Joe Lieberman, a US senator from Connecticut who was the Democratic nominee for vice president with Al Gore and would go on to run for president.

Join Hadassah for a conversation about her extraordinary life: from her family’s experience in Eastern Europe to their move to Massachusetts; forging her career; experiencing divorce; and, following her remarriage, her life on the national political stage. From her own lived experiences as an immigrant, an American Jew, and a working mother, she speaks to many of the major issues of our time, from immigration to anti-Semitism to gender politics.

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Guest: Hadassah Lieberman

Hadassah Lieberman has had a rewarding career dedicated to health care issues, assisting nonprofit organizations, improving educational standards, and promoting international understanding, with a particular focus on global women’s health. Her memoir, Hadassah: An American Story, was published by Brandeis University Press in April 2021.

Host: Rabbi Sherre Hirsch

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is the Chief Innovation Officer at American Jewish University. She made headlines as the first female rabbi at Sinai Temple, the largest Conservative congregation on the west coast. She served as Senior Rabbinic Scholar at Hillel International, where she created and developed Hillelwell, an initiative for Hillels worldwide to become the recognized address for preventative mental health. A thought leader and author on spirituality and religion, Rabbi Hirsch has appeared on the Today Show, ABC News, Extra, and PBS, among other outlets, and has been a contributor to Time.com, Oprah Magazine, the Jewish Journal, the Hollywood Journal, and more.